Support for NHS reforms

  • David Cameron’s claim that there is ‘huge enthusiasm’ among GPs for for the NHS reform  - 12 January 2011
  • Head of the Royal College of GPs Clare Gerada says the reforms will lead to the end of the NHS - 19 November 2010
  • BBC poll showing scepticism of NHS reforms among GPs - 7 October 2010


In January 2011 the Prime Minister argued that GPs were lining up behind his NHS reforms saying:

” There is huge enthusiasm among GPs to get this moving, and I think that it will show real benefits in patient choice.”

However, two months previously, Dr Clare Gerada, newly-elected head of the Royal College of GPs had been reported by the Guardian as attacking the NHS shake -up:

“The NHS will not survive intact Lansley’s plans to scrap many existing NHS bodies, introduce GP commissioning and push through greater competition between hospitals, she predicted.

“I think it is the end of the NHS as we currently know it, which is a national, unified health service, with central policies and central planning, in the way that [Aneurin] Bevan imagined,” said 51-year-old Gerada, who represents Britain’s 40,000 family doctors.”

Earlier, in October, the BBC reported a ComRes poll of 827 GPs that found that:

 “25% said they would be willing to take on the extra responsibility of planning and buying health care for their local populations with 57% saying they would not and 18% expressing no opinion.

“A majority also felt they were not well prepared to become involved in commissioning care in the following areas – cancer, emergency hospital care, mental health and paediatrics.

“While it could be argued there is still plenty of time to train and prepare doctors, it is the fact that so many GPs are struggling to see how the overhaul will benefit patients that has caused most concern.

“Only 23% said it would benefit patients with 45% saying it would not and 32% expressing no opinion.”

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