Future Jobs Fund/Youth Contract

  • Government announcement of £6.2bn of savings in 2010-11 – HM Treasury 24 May 2010
  • Return of the Future Jobs Fund? Clegg’s scheme is little different to Labour’s – Faisal Islam, Channel Four News, November 2011

The government announced plans to scrap Labour’s Future Jobs Fund in May 2010 when David Laws and George Osborne announced plans to cut:

“£320m from ending ineffective elements of employment programmes, including ending further rollout of temporary jobs through the Young Person’s Guarantee (the ‘Future Jobs Fund’) and removing recruitment subsidies from the ‘Six-Month Offer’.”

The intention was to shut the scheme down from March 2011, with its replacement rolled later in the year.

As Channel 4′s Faisal Islam notes, there are striking similarities between new November 2011 Youth Contract and the old Future Jobs Fund:

“The coalition cancelled £1.3bn of these schemes, including the Future Jobs Fund, on the 12th and 36th days of the coalition’s existence. So this seems like a spectacular u-turn. At the very least, one might wonder if the million mark would ever have been reached if they had just kept the schemes in the first place.”

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