Export support

  • David Cameron’s claims about export support, 23 May 2012
  • Where are all the billions on boosting export – Factcheck, 24 May 2010

At PMQs on 23 May 2012, David Cameron said:

“That export scheme [The enterprise finance guarantee scheme] has been rolled into the export guarantee scheme more generally and the amount of export support is massively up on the last election, with billions of pounds in extra money being spent.”

However, Cathy Newman of Channel Four FactCheck’s investigation showed this to be a gross exaggeration:

“FactCheck asked the department for business, innovation and skills (BIS) how much money had been spent on supporting exports since the election. They said: “In total, £5.2bn of support has been provided to UK exporters since the election.”

“They added that £2.3bn had been spent in this financial year, and £2.9bn last year.

“But in the last year of the previous government, from 2009 to 2010, £2.2bn was spent.

“Which means that £800m has been spent over and above what was spent in the year running up to the election. We don’t know where the ”billions of extra money” is, and Mr Cameron’s department couldn’t help us. In fact, when we asked about this, his spokesman said he had been ”making a point”.

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