Work Programme v Future Jobs Fund

  • Impacts and Costs and Benefits of the Future Jobs Fund – DWP, 23 Nov 2012
  • DWP Work Programme Statistical Release – DWP, 27 Nov 2012
  • Prime Minister’s Questions – Left Foot Forward, 28 Nov 2012

At, PMQs today, David Cameron claimed:

“Our work experience programme is seeing half of the young people taking part getting into work – that is the same result as the Future Jobs Fund and it cost 20 times less – that is the truth – our programme is good value for taxpayers’ money, is getting people into work.”

However, statistics released yesterday by the DWP showed how badly the Work Programme had failed – with stats released by the DWP on Friday showing how big a success the Future Jobs Fund was. The Work Programme is not, as Cameron claimed today, delivering “the same result” as the Future Jobs Fund.

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