Minimum alcohol pricing

  • David Cameron backs minimum unit price for alcohol – number 10.gov.uk, 23 March 2012
  • Government in U-turn on minimum alcohol pricing - City AM, 13 March 2013

In March 2012 David Cameron said that it was wrong that beer could be “cheaper than water” and that he would make no excuses for clamping down. As Cameron put it:

This isn’t about stopping responsible drinking, adding burdens on business or some new kind of stealth tax – it’s about fast immediate action where universal change is needed…

If the minimum price is 40p a unit, it won’t affect the price of a pint. In fact, pubs may benefit by making the cheap alternatives in supermarkets more expensive.

A year later, and Cameron suddenly shelves the plan after a revolt by backbench Tory MPs. City AM reports:

The government has shelved plans to introduce a minimum price for alcohol sales, the latest in a string of policy U-turns…

Despite Prime Minister David Cameron supporting a proposal that would see alcoholic drinks selling for at least 45p per unit, a cabinet revolt on the issue led by home secretary Theresa May is set to mean the policy is dropped.

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